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About Our Venue

Your special event deserves to have a special location.  Whether you’re planning a wedding or an upscale party, you can’t invite guests to just any location.  You’re celebrating and celebrations require special settings.

Located in Downtown Memphis, 409 South Main is designed to impress your guests and to create the inviting atmosphere that will become the stories you tell your children in years to come.  Of all of the Memphis wedding venues available, this is the one that separates your event from just another invitation in the mail.

This Memphis event venue has the amenities you need, the style you want, and the modern look that is missing from other event halls.

What 409 South Main Offers You

While nothing can take the place of an actual tour in 409 South Main, it can help to know what the benefits are of this high-end Memphis event venue.

Some of the highlights this Memphis venue includes:

  • Natural lighting – With the natural lighting options in 409 South Main, you are able to hold events during the daytime, as well as in the early evening, without having to increase your lighting costs.

  • Tall ceilings – The expansive ceilings in 409 South Main allow you to create grand events that look as elegant and they feel to you.

  • 100-year old wood flooring – The historic building still contains the floors of the past, and this means you'll be walking in the footsteps of many other celebrating generations.

  • Catering area – The catering area allows you to have a setup point for catering services for your event.

  • Upper tier, VIP section – With the VIP section, you can create a more upscale event, and give VIPs the chance to have some privacy when the event is in full swing.

  • Parking space – Because parking is always a concern, 409 South Main offers adjacent parking with plenty of spaces for your guests.

  • Trolleys – If you want to head into Downtown Memphis a bit more, you can utilize the trolley service which is conveniently located near 409 South Main.

While some Memphis wedding venues need to be changed completely in order to support your special event, 409 South Main is different. The inherent features of the building, as well as the history that surrounds the space, play the supporting role in your design ideas – never overtaking your plans.

What does this mean for your wedding in Memphis? What this means is that instead of other downtown Memphis wedding venues requiring that you spend a lot of money in order to make the space unique and inviting, 409 South Main already has half the job done for you. All you need to bring in area the accents you want to have for your new space.

409 South Main provides the perfect backdrop for your elegant and modern event, or it can help you create something even more dramatic. Remember, the event planning is up to you.

Events You Can Hold at 409 South Main

While your imagination may already be excited by the prospect of holding your event at 409 South Main, for those who are still looking around, let's consider the different kinds of events that can be held at this Memphis event venue.

  • Weddings

  • Wedding receptions

  • Event receptions

  • Private parties

  • Banquets

  • Art exhibitions

  • Whatever your imagination can conjure

Think about the event that you are planning right now. Or think about the Memphis event that you would like to be planning. The biggest hurdle in planning is finding the right space, one that isn't too big or too small.

You also want to find a space that isn't too costly, or too inconvenient for guests. 409 South Main answers all of these concerns… and takes things even further with its distinct architecture, rich history, and downtown location.

Of all of the Memphis reception venues available, 409 South Main is the one that holds a number of people comfortably, while also making sure everyone feels like they are right at home. The convenient location and the beautiful surroundings also lend themselves to a modern reception or event.

Some wedding venues in Memphis look, well, like reception halls. And while this makes sense when you're planning a reception, you also want guests to forget they are in a hall at all. You want to create an experience for your guests, one that allows them to feel as though they are a part of something that will never happen again – because it's just that beautiful and that unique.

409 South Main strives to make sure that your wedding or reception or gallery opening, etc. is the perfect representation of who you are and what your tastes are. By giving you the amenities and features you want, all you need to do is measure the space and order the rentals you need.

Location is Everything at the Memphis Event Venue

409 South Main is located in Downtown Memphis, which is a strong case for this space being a perfect location for special events, outside of weddings. While this Memphis event venue can certainly handle high-end weddings, it can also be a strong starting point for a party that moves into the Memphis nightlife.

For example, a reception at 409 South Main that starts off as a subdued gathering can easily move into the party zone. All guests need to do is to take the trolley and they'll find themselves in the rich Memphis nightlife. Or you might begin in the Downtown area and then move into 409 South Main for the actual celebration.

Or you may want to take advantage of the spirit of the South Main Art District, and create a lengthy event that traverses the other art offerings in the area. When you do, you can end up with your gallery opening at 409 South Main, helping you have the perfect place for an evening of cocktails and exhibits.

Why People Turn to 409 South Main

When there are so many other wedding reception ventures in Memphis, why would you or why should you turn to 409 South Main for your needs? There are a number of answers to these questions, and some of them depend on your unique needs for your event.

  • Historical setting – The history behind the 409 South Main building and the area allow you to have a place that's not just for events, but a place where events have taken place for decades. Your event becomes a part of that history, allowing you to have a story to tell.

  • Large and open space – While some Memphis wedding venues can feel claustrophobic and a little cramped, the space at 409 South Main gives you the space you need. You can fit a larger event into this space, or you can adjust the space to make it feel cozy for a smaller gathering. The flexibility of the 409 South Main event venue allows you to have what you need, no matter what you need.

  • Creative energy – There's something about the energy of the area surrounding 409 South Main that will enhance the energy of your event. No matter if you're trying to hold a wedding reception or a wedding itself, the energy of the bustling downtown area brings a modern touch to your planning and to the final results.

  • Convenient location – And while you may have thought that your wedding or your event wasn't necessarily about your guests, as it is YOUR event, this is not the entire story. In order to make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated for making the trip, you want to choose a location that is convenient. 409 South Main is in a convenient setting, allowing people coming from downtown Memphis to head right over, and the ample parking helps those who are coming from lengthier distances.

The reasons why others have chosen this over other wedding reception venues in Memphis are clear, but in the end, you need to choose the right venue for you.

What You Need to Book Your Event at this Downtown Memphis Venue

If you're wondering if 409 South Main is the right venue for you and you want to get more information, it can help to contact this Memphis event venue directly to schedule time to visit the setting. You will be able to see what is available to you and you'll be able to walk in the space where your event will actually take place.

Sometimes, seeing is the best way to ensure you're choosing the right location for your needs.

Once you are there, you might want to have some other ideas in mind so you can assess whether the space is right for you, and you can find out how much the space might cost you to hold your event.

Things to keep in mind when booking a wedding or event are:

  • The type of event – There are a number of different types of events that you can hold at 409 South Main, so you will want to specify the event you have in mind. Even though you've already learned about other events that have been held at 409 South Main, realize that you might have a unique idea for an event – and that's great! Just share your idea with 409 South Main to see how they can help.

  • The date of your event – The date of your event will need to be shared as soon as possible, since this will allow the event venue to put you in the calendar before someone else takes your space. Also, some dates may be more popular than others, so they might go quickly or they might be a bit more costly.

  • The time of your event – You might be able to schedule an event for the day or the early evening, which can save you on costs. Or you may want an event to last long into the evening.

  • The number of guests – Of course, the more guests you have, the more help you will need before, during, and after your event. Bring an estimate of the guests you expect at your event so you can find out what 409 South Main can do for you.

  • How long the event will be – The length of the event will matter, as this will change the cost, as well as the services that will need to be available.

  • What setup help you need – If you need setup for your event, you will want to discuss what this means and what it might entail. Even if you're not entirely sure what you might need, it can help to clearly outline what you expect to be necessary.

  • The breakdown time you need – It can also help for you to estimate how long it will take to clean things up after your event, since this will also be a part of the time you are reserving.

While this can seem like a lot of details to include when you are just starting out the planning process, the more details you can have available for the staff at 409 South Main, the more you can get on paper so that the planning can become concrete instead of just a list of ideas.

409 South Main is designed to be the Memphis event venue that serves all of your needs – and many of your desires. As you begin to create a high-end event in your head, you need to use a setting that is just as glamorous and stylish as your imagination.

Talk to the staff at 409 South Main by calling or sending an email via the contact form. With the information and details you have right now, you can find out how the staff can help and how the space can be arranged for your needs.

Remember, planning an event is simple, but the setting can make the difference between the ideal location and just another event venue. Your event isn't just another event – it's a special moment in your life.

409 South Main is designed to make memories – and an impression that doesn't fade easily.

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